A proposal for a Bernie Sanders poster calendar from America's most imaginative calendar artist

They're cheering from the rooftops of America's cities!


Election Day is a Blue-letter Day!



They're cheering from the rooftops of America's neighborhoods!




The crowd (which is only roughly indicated here in outline) will have broad ethnic and demographic diversity









Leaflets wafting from the balloons in the sky deliver Bernie's talking points

Time-related phrases appear on balloons and placards throughout the calendar: "This is the year!" "The time has come!"

Colorful, imaginative and upbeat, with a positive vision of the future. And utilitarian. Name one Bernie fan who would not want this unique poster calendar.

(You can't—they all would!)

"My very favorite of all calendars I've ever seen!"


Gene Shalit, The Today Show

The above is a rough depiction.

Here's what a finished calendar looks like:

About the artist


Pilliard Dickle's approach to the art of the calendar is unlike any others in the world. They've won The National and World Calendar Awards from the Calendar Marketing Association. He has designed calendars for clients such as Mike Birbiglia (Orange is the New Black).


Pilliard Dickle (real name Joe Chandler) is offering to design a calendar for Senator Sanders for free.


Because the entire year is depicted on a poster, the posters are very cost-effective to print, and are almost all profit. 90% of the selling price goes directly to helping get Bernie into the White House.


city 8x11 72.jpgThe City Calendar