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Jon Ossoff campaign commissions artist Pilliard Dickle to create unusual poster calendar

Details from the calendar
Pilliard Dickle, with his granddaughter, contributing artist Olivia Westergreen

Jon Ossoff for Senate has commissioned calendar artist artist Pilliard Dickle to design a poster calendar promoting Ossoff in the January 5 runoff election. 

Dickle, an artist from Newnan GA whose real name is Joe Chandler, is known as the creator of big colorful year-at-a-glance poster calendars set in a fantasy land of time called Calendaria.


In the calendar, people are cheering from atop big city skyscrapers, from the rooftops in the suburbs, and in the crowd of people listening to Ossoff speak from a podium. Up in the sky, people in hot air balloons are tossing out wafting leaflets with Ossoff quotes.

“It seemed like a calendar was a perfect vehicle for this promotion,” says Dickle. “The nation’s eyes are on a specific pivotal date—January 5. And we all are looking toward 2021 as a year of positivity and recovery.”

The project was a seemingly impossible task, given the short notice and crushing deadline. These calendars, no matter how he tries to hurry the process, take a lot of time. So he called on artist Ed Hose to help him out. Somehow, working together, they got done. It was "a Christmas miracle!”


Ed Hose, a well-known artist on the Georgia coast, drew the crowd of people into the calendar. Her style is different from his, but close enough to mix ’n match. 

“The crowd Ed rendered is richly diverse, just as they should be for this project," says Dickle. "All my people look like goofy characters from The Land of Calendaria…which they are.” 


In addition to leaning on Ed Hose, Dickle called on his granddaughter Olivia Westergreen. She drew a little girl standing in front of October with a flag on her shirt giving a thumbs up sign. “Our characters, though different, somehow all work together,” says Dickle. “So actually it was a three-way collaboration.”


“I don’t see how the Ossoff organization can get the calendar distributed so quickly,” says Dickle, “but that’s the way of the world today. Everything's moving at lightening speed.”

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Artists Pilliard Dickle (left) and Ed Hose.
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