Emily Chandler Westergreen 

is the founder and CEO of Underground Runway. Her unique boutique-with-a-twist began as a passion for fashion. She was a regular on the front row at New York Fashion Week for years and loved nothing more than finding out what was going to be IN next season.


"I lived for NYFW," she says. "I would mail 100 pound boxes home for me and my friends. I loved it, they loved it...then suddenly their friends loved it, and the friends of their friends. That was the jumping off point for my online business."

Emily writes for several fashion publications. See some of her articles here.

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Pilliard Dickle 

is also known by his real name, Joe Chandler. (Or, as Emily calls him, Dad.) He's best known as the creator of The Land of Calendaria, a series of unique calendars that Associated Press calls "a yearlong trip through a cartoon fantasy land." 


His 1 1/2 Man Band which he performs with his past self on a tape recorder, is the only act where the performer gets kicked out of his own show.


And he made international news in 2016 when he went into a self-imposed Bubble of Ignorance and became known as the only person in America not to know who won the election.

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