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"A yearlong trip through a cartoon fantasy land"
 Associated Press



Each year Pilliard Dickle explores the future in search of picturesque new years to draw. 


Explore some of the scenic years Pilliard Dickle has discovered during his travels through time

The HI Towers (2010): From out at sea, this city spells out a giant greeting

"I think that no home should be without a Pilliard Dickle calendar."


—David Letterman

Meet Justin Tyme. He's a day trader. Literally. He travels to the past and buys days off people with way too much time on their hands, then sells them to busy people in the future who just need a little more time.


The Maypop Calendar (2014): Farmers till the soil as these lighter-than-air maypop trees sway gently in the breeze

The Time Factory (2013) recycles days from past years, then ships them upriver to new years under construction

"During my travels I've seen massive castles, elegant palaces and soaring skyscrapers all made of days. But I never knew where these days came from. Then one morning as I was hiking across the decade, I heard the sound of gears creaking, widgets whirring and a methodical wooden tick-tock sound coming from over the futurewad horizon. I crested a hill and there was my answer: The Calendaria Time Factory!"

From Pilliard Dickle's Diary

Calendaria's most notorious citizen

Poster calendars measure 18X24. Signed & numbered. 

Past editions $30-$50, subject to availability

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