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Not a good photo. Much better looking in real life.

Not sure what he wanted to be when he grew up, Pilliard Dickle became what he calls an "Imaginationist." Each project bearing the PD name bears a unusual perspective. The calendars he draws have won the World Calendar Award as the most unique calendars on the planet. His 1 1/2 Man Band is the only act where the performer gets kicked out of his own show. A Novel Without Words is exactly that: the characters speak in colors. He drew the world first comic on a Mobius strip, with no beginning and no end. And he made international news as the only person in America not to know who won the presidential election.

"a very clever fellow

Who is Pilliard Dickle?

"a handsome genius

(Name of reviewer withheld to avoid coming off like a complete egomanic)
Steve Allen
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