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18x24 Signed/Numbered       $20 (or $25 Laminated)     Hand Personalization $12

New 2023 Calendar

This city made of days, perched high on a hilltop in the land of Calendaria, is the perfect spot for the new Time Observatory. It scans the skies in search of faraway years in remote regions of the decade.

This big colorful poster calendar is sure to be a hit with your holiday gift recipients. You can even get it personalized, with names hand-drawn into the calendar, and special dates highlighted in color.
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Order online or call my studio!

Press to take a tour!

GET IT PERSONALIZED: Make your gifts special by having names hand-drawn into your calendar by the artist, with special dates highlighted in color.
GIFT ORDERS: Have your calendars delivered as gifts in your name, with a special gift card enclosed.
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Mobius strip, with no font or back, no beginning, and no end.

Add a book!

"Pilliard Dickle's calendars put me in a happy days that makes me weak!"
Gene Shalit, The Today Show

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Not a coloring book! Well, it is...but it's so much more. Calendars, stories, sketches of years glimpsed but ever visited and weird mandalas made of days. 8 1/2X11. $14.95   

Avocado Avenue - A novella

Doris and Delores Morris, known to the local townsfolk as “the two eccentric sisters,” spent their youths meticulously reassembling the shredded memoirs of their brother Horace on the walls of the family mansion. Now they’re on the cusp of a startling discovery that could reunite them with their beloved brother, who, years ago, inexplicably vanished. $9.95

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