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Pilliard Dickle's Time Travel Diary

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Story Palace Wix 1.jpg
Story Palace Wix 1.jpg

The Day Family

sonny day.jpg

Sonny Day

wendy day.jpg

Wendy Day

bluster day.jpg

Bluster E. Day

aka Uncle Bluster

doris day.jpg

Doris Day

(no relation)

Meet Some Calendarians

22 b navaron tyme.jpg

Captain Navaron Tyme
Always a day late, this crusty
old seafaring explorer is on an expedition to chart the future.

edgar eg head.jpg

Professor E. G. Head 
of Chronological Studies at Calendaria U., the verbose professor is the author of Spring Forward Fall Back, a 365 page book about Daylight Savings Time.

daybreaker w tues 72.jpg

The Daybreaker
Calendaria's m
ost annoying citizen. this dumpy little scofflaw goes from year to year stealing Tuesdays.

Years Glimpsed but Never Drawn

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