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Jon Ossoff campaign commissions artist Pilliard Dickle to draw poster calendar

Ossoff 9x12wix.jpg

Jon Ossoff for Senate has commissioned calendar artist artist Pilliard Dickle to design a poster calendar promoting Ossoff in the January 5 runoff election. 

Dickle, an artist from Newnan GA whose real name is Joe Chandler, is known as the creator of big colorful poster calendars set in a fantasy land of time called Calendaria.

“It seemed like a calendar was a perfect vehicle for this promotion,” says Dickle. “The nation’s eyes are on a specific pivotal date—January 5. And we all are looking toward 2021 as a year of positivity and recovery.

ossoff olivia pd3.jpg
Pilliard Dickle with his granddaughter Olivia, who helped with the calendar

What the media have said about Pilliard Dickle's calendars

burst fb.jpg

"A feast for the imagination."

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

"A yearlong trip through a cartoon fantasy land."

Associated Press

"My very favorite of all calendars I've ever seen!"

The Today Show

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