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Emily Chandler Westergreen
Pilliard Dickle
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7 Words to Live By
Grandy has waited 30 years to utter his last words. The time has come. The family has gathered. Grandy falters, but finally recalls all seven words. And they're eloquent. But there's a glitch.
Estimated Run Time: 6-9 mins
Shadows & Mice
What happens when the writer dies before the script is finished? That's what the citizens of this small town find out when Brad, the scriptwriter, meets an untimely demise at the hand of one of his characters.
Estimated Run Time: 8-10 mins
"Mr. Dickle is a born storyteller with an inventive mind that never stops."
—Gene Shalit, The Today Show

Written as a stage play. Could be done as a film.

How a Kitten Saved
Sweet Jesus
There aren't enough Westerns around anymore. Especially hackneyed ones. And what's more hackneyed than two cowboys waking into a saloon in Sweet Jesus, Wyoming just before a dreaded gunslinger called Black Sabbath comes town? When Sabbath comes face-to-face with Prickly Pete, the townsfolk are traumatized...until they are saved by a kitten.
Estimated Run Time: 40-50 mins
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Chet walks up to a random stranger at a party and whispers in her ear: "Whisper something in my ear." He got the idea from a dream he'd had the night before. Turns out, she'd had a dream, too.

Whisper has been shot.

The Red Letter
A sly businessman finds himself at a crossroad between losing his career and losing his marriage...until a crafty onlooker overhears his plight and offers some underhanded assistance.

The Red Letter has been shot.

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