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One day I was flying across Calendaria in search of another picturesque year to draw when a I sighted a distant cluster of cone-shaped turrets glistening in the sunlight. As I drifted nearer a massive palace began to rise up over the futureward horizon. I landed my one-room flying calendar studio on the front lawn and and knocked on the front door.


"A yearlong trip through a cartoon fantasy land"


One day Pilliard Dickle fell through a hole in time into a strange land where everything is made of days. He's been exploring it ever since.
Associated Press

Meet The Day Family

Sonny Day is a maypop farmer. 

His wife Doris raises Junebugs.

Yester and Wendy Day grew the biggest date in the county.

April May and June are known around Calendaria as The Day Triplets.

From Pilliard Dickle's Diary

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These unique poster calendars by artist Pilliard Dickle will  add a splash of creativity and fun to your customers' walls while promoting your business all year long. 
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Please inquire about booking the only act in the world where the performer gets kicked out of his own show


Pilliard Dickle Studio

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Justin Tyme is a day trader. He travels to the past and buys days off people with too much time on their hands, then sells them to busy people in the future who just need a little more time.

Hot air balloons personalized with names or messages of your choice are bringing special days (birthdays and anniversaries) to the new year

You can even have people drawn into the calendar!

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