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Down a Lazy River: 2020
Picture yourself on a boat on a river. Or rather, on a dome-shaped month, drifting happily downstream toward the future. This river of time runs lazily beneath a canopy of days looming overhead. Behind the months, stars appear in the sky as the sun sets on 2019. At the end of this swirling vortex of dates lies the dawn of a new decade.


This colorful, intricately-detailed poster calendar will add a splash of fun to your wall all year long. Make your calendar gifts special with the names of the recipients personalized into the drawing by the artist and special days highlighted. You can also have them sent as gifts in your name. 18X24

$20 Paper.   $25 Laminated.   Personalization $12.
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"Pilliard Dickle may be off the wall, but his calendars are on my wall."

—Gene Shalit, the Today Show

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Two classic PD calendars, reissued for 2020

The Palace of Calendaria 2020
In the remote lowlands of Calendaria lies this stopover for travelers through time. Comes with PD's illustrated journal of his adventure to this beguiling palace.

18X24 $20. Personalization $12.

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The St Simons Island Calendar 2020
The lighthouse on this charming island off the Georgia coast was the inspiration for this fun calendar. Includes illustrated story booklet.

18X24 $20. Personalization $12.


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Avocado Avenue - A novella

Doris and Delores Morris, known to the local townsfolk as “the two eccentric sisters,” spent their youths meticulously reassembling the shredded memoirs of their brother Horace on the walls of the family mansion. Now they’re on the cusp of a startling discovery that could reunite them with their beloved brother, who, years ago, inexplicably vanished. $9.95


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Did you miss last year's calendar in your collection? 
A few are still available!  18x24  $20.00

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