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The Calendar World of Pilliard Dickle

A Collection of Unique Calendars, Good for All Eternity

It's three books in one!


• An art book

• An illustrated novel

• A perpetual calendar


As you wend your way from one year to the next, you'll meet The Daybreaker, Captain Navaron Tyme and many other Calendarians that Pilliard Dickle collectors have come to know and love (or, in the case of the Daybreaker, tolerate).

Softcover, 64 pages, $14.95

"Pilliard Dickle may be off the wall, but his calendars are on my wall...and they're going to stay there."


—From the Foreword by Gene Shalit

Avocado Avenue


Doris and Delores Morris, known to the local townsfolk as “the two eccentric sisters,” spent their youths meticulously reassembling the shredded memoirs of their brother Horace on the walls of the family mansion. Shred by shred, they’re piecing together diary his like a  giant jigsaw puzzle, in hopes of revealing a startling secret that could reunite them with their beloved brother, who, years ago, inexplicably vanished.

Softcover, 86 pages, $9.95

Color Your Way Through Time


The meticulous black & white line art of Pilliard Dickle's calendars, pages from his time-travel diary, sketches of years glimpsed but never visited and strange time-mandalas make this volume a delightful romp through The Land of Calendaria.

Softcover, $14.95

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