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Explore The Land of Calendaria

"A yearlong trip through a cartoon fantasy land"
— Associated Press



One day cartoonist named Pilliard Dickle stepped through a hole in reality and fell into a wonderland of time called Calendaria.

Pilliard Dickle's New 2018 Calendar

The Palace Calendar: A stopover for time travellers traversing the decade

The HI Towers: Ever since they installed the new crosswalk between the skyscrapers, this city seems to spell out a message to incoming travelers at sea

Each year he explores this odd chronological terrain in search of picturesque years to draw.

"A feast for the imagination."

—The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

* A place called Reality

And he keeps a diary of his travels for the people back in his homeland.*

The Planetoid Calendar: Workers are building a new year from disassembled days of years gone by

"I think that no home should be without a Pilliard Dickle calendar."

—David Letterman

The Maypop Calendar: Farmers till the soil as these lighter-than-air maypop trees sway gently in the Calendarian breeze

The Time Factory recycles days from past years, then ships them upriver to new years under construction

The Time Factory:
"During my travels through time, I've seen dates chisled in stone, carved in wood and sculpted in ice, but I never questioned where thay all came from. Then one day I heard the sound of gears creaking, widgets whirring and a wooden tick-tock sound coming from over the futurewad horizon. I crested a hill and there was my answer: The Calendaria Time Factory."


From Pilliard Dickle's Diary

Anchor old

All posters measure 18X24 limited editions, signed & numbered.

2018 edition $20

Past editions $30
Subject to availability (please

Pilliard Dickle's latest time-exploring contraption

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