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Don't worry!
This is a minor setback in the long history of this great nation.

OK, a major one. But we've been in worse predicaments. The whole country split in two, you know. And we came within a hair's breadth of losing WWII.


We shall rid ourselves of this vile blight.


We shall persevere.


We shall defy the regime!

You are now living under a government that wants you sick, ignorant and docile. One that no longer cares about protecting the environment, or fostering an educated upcoming generation, a government that has traded in science for Bible verses. It is is no longer looking down the road at long-term prosperity but sees only as far as next quarter's shareholder reports.

This is not the America we grew up in. This is not how it was supposed to go. What can we do to help topple this regime? Defy it!

If you voted Republican, check one:

You are so married to right-wing ideology that you're blinded to the damage that is being done. If that's the case, turn off FoxNews!


You're glad the Kenyan Muslim is done destroying the nation. Plus, you don't trust them highfalutin' scientists—God will fix America. If so, please STFU.

You are having remorse over what your party has become. If so, let's join forces, not as Dems and Republicans but as Americans. This doesn't mean forsake your conservative ideals—we can go back to our regularly scheduled squabbling later— but for now, let's work together to depose this regime! 

Here's a Happy Thought*

* Sounds sarcastic but no, really


IF we can achieve removal from office (yes we'd sill have an evangelical nutjob to deal with, but at least we'd be rid of the mentally ill despot)...

And IF this right wing power orgy of sparks enough of a backlash to tip the Senate, maybe the House...

And IF (these are a lot of ifs) the DNC will lean more progressive rather than remaining a yes-man for big money...

In other words, IF all this is leading us toward political renaissance, then...


MAYBE in the long run, we'll be better off than if we had remained asleep at the wheel while corruption marched quietly on, unfettered.

BUT it's up to us to make that happen.

All offensive words on this shirt have been censored

The formula that could save the world:

Safe to wear around Republicans. 
(Looks like science.)

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