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Take a tour of Calendaria!

"A yearlong trip through a cartoon fantasy land"


Associated Press
The City Calendar

Meet The Day Family

Sonny Day is a maypop farmer. 

His wife Doris raises Junebugs.

Yester and Wendy Day grew the biggest date in the county.

April May and June are known around Calendaria as The Day Triplets.

From Pilliard Dickle's Diary

Each building in this calendar town was named after one of its 12 founding fathers

"No home should be without a Pilliard Dickle calendar"

David Letterman

The Maypop Calendar: Farmers till the soil as these lighter-than-air maypop trees sway gently in the breeze

Pilliard Dickle keeps a diary of his travels through time

The Time Factory recycles days from past years, then ships them upriver to new years under construction

"During my travels I've seen castles, palaces and cities, all made of days. But I never knew where these days came from. Then one day I was hiking across the decade and heard gears creaking, widgets whirring and a wooden tick-tock sound over the futureward horizon. I crested a hill and there it was: The Calendaria Time Factory.

From Pilliard Dickle's Diary

Calendaria's most notorious citizen

"A feast for the imagination"


The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
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More Stuff!

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Pilliard Dickle's 1 1/2 Man Show
The only act where the performer gets kicked out of his own show
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"Nun. Gun. Inebriation. Bullets. These are not words that work well together."
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Did you know...
that Pilliard Dickle ran for president, from his futon, in his bathrobe?
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