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Nun of the Above
She told me she was a Buddist, but I thought she said a nudist

The State Song of Nebraska

Nebraska is the only state without a state song. So Pilliard Dickle wrote 'em one.

National Anthem of Calendaria

Where trains run on time, and clocks go to unwind

The Ballad of Billy Mays

As seen on your TV screen. Now who's gonna sell us Oxyclean?

Walter Wagner

Notice how he turns around three times before he sits down

Bacon-Wrapped Double Happiness

It's better than plain old happiness. Like, twice as good.

Walter Wagner

If I Had a Cookie

The Yellow Line

The Old Forgotten Road

Who the Hell is E.E. Bell?

All songs written by Pilliard Dickle, except Bacon-Wrapped Double Happiness, written by Ed Hose, Pilliard Dickle and Michael Dyche

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