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People all across America

are mailing me $99!

And so can you!

By Howard Sliff, F.B.C. (Former Broke Cartoonist)




Are you fed up with not being rich? Well, so am I! Trouble is, I don't want to have to actually do anything.

You'll pocket extra cash every month doing what you're doing right now: wasting time on your phone or computer.

People Mail You Money While You Sleep

Wouldn't it be great if you had your own Mind Control website that would hypnotize people into mailing you money?

And not just a dollar or two, I'm talking about $100!

Just think, even in the middle of the night, while you're all piled up in bed dreaming about cotton candy or hamsters or Tonya Harding, some guy in Des Moines has stumbled across your Mind Control website and is stuffing a hundred dollar bill in an envelope addressed to YOU?


Ok, I know it sounds a tad whacky, but I have actually invented such a website. A website so compelling, so irresistible that it instantly takes total control over your mind and commands you to mail it money.

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