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Clickable Clothing!


Anyone who points a phone toward these interactive shirts is instantly zapped into Mind Control Telephone's ever-expanding realm of control. 

Your friends will think they're having fun...unaware they've become operatives in Mind Control Telephone's master plan.

poster handbill mct small web.png
mct2 aps.png
leaflet dnk.png

Each order comes with a bunch of
Mind Control Propaganda


moist towelettes color_edited.png

Mind Control Soda
New Non-Hallucinogenic Formula!

mct soda.png

Mind Control
Moist Towelettes *

* Moisture Not Included

Mind Control Mug

Base Your Life Around Mind Control Telephone

mug mct.png
Where did Mind Control telephone come from? Where is it going? As a new Controlee, you now have access to the master plan.

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