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11/2 Man Show

Guaranteed not the worst show you've ever seen*

* Or 20% of your money back!
Pilliard Dickle and his musical partner, The Past Pilliard Dickle

"Mr. Dickle is a born storyteller with an inventive mind that never stops."

Gene Shalit, The Today Show

One day Pilliard Dickle decided to start a band. So he sat down at his kitchen table with a tape recorder and guitar, plus a spoon and a coffee cup, and his 1 1/2 Half Man Band was born.

act photo head in hand.jpg

Things went great, until the recorder copped an attitude.   

song menu.jpg
audience kibble can 72.jpg

 He sings delightfully inventive story-songs

He bribes the crowd with Audience Kibble®

He even gets kicked out of his own show for heckling himself

You'd be hard pressed to find a more imaginative show!

Hear The State Song of Nebraska

"I found out Nebraska is the only state that doesn't have a state song. So I wrote 'em one!"

"A very clever fellow"

Steve Allen

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Pilliard Dickle put on a crazy funny show. His songs put Garrison Keillor to shame. I laughed so much!
Rosemary Kazans

Join Pilliard Dickle for an evening of whimsical songs and quirky stories that are every bit as imaginative as his award-winning calendar art. 

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