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Use these products to lure others 
to Mind Control Telephone.

mct2 aps.png
leaflet dnk.png
mct graphic big dots.png


dnk clock.png

Mount on Your Wall
Mind Control 3D Clock 

Mind Control Leaflets
Leave in Random Places for Unsuspecting Passersby

Mind Control Stickers
Plaster 'em Al Over Reality

mct bookmark.jpg

Mind Control Bookmarks
Slip into Books in Libraries & Bookstores

towelettes mct dnk.png

Cleanse Your Skin With
Mind Control Moist Towelettes*
*Moisture not include

Base your life around Mind Control Telephone

mind control cal dnk.jpg

Decorate Your House With
2024 Mind Control Poster Calendar
18x24 20.00

Hang Around Your Neck
Mind Control Tie 35.00

mct soda.png
tie mct.png

Mind Control Soda 
Swallow Mind Control

Drape Your Torso in Mind Control

shirt mct gray.png

These are no ordinary shirts!
A secret QR code embedded in the design takes anyone who points a phone at you to Mind Control Telephone, which instantly seizes control of their mind.

shirt mct gray.png
mct2 aps.png
leaflet dnk.png

 It's Clickable Clothing!

Your shirt comes with Leaflets and Stickers you can use to infest the general populace with Mind Control

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