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"Whisper something in my ear."

That's what he whispered to a stranger at a party. And she whispered something back. Was it the start of a whimsical party game? Or something neither of them could have imagined?


Dawn Church          Christopher Cherry 

Directed by: Brandon Herron

Produced in Association with JWH Productions
Written by: Pilliard Dickle 

Produced by: Jonathan W. Hickman, Maggie D. Hickman, Emily Chandler Westergreen

Director of Photography: Nick Fraser 

Whisper Premiere Party • Lillian Gardens  Newnan GA

Join us at beautiful Lillian Gardens for a fun evening of film, music, food and cocktails! Be the first to see our new film, Whisper, filmed here in Newnan. We are gearing up to submit to film festivals around the world. We will be screening Whisper and also our previous film, The Red Letter, which won several awards.
*Event postponed until Dr. Fauci says it's OK*




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