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11/2 Man Show

Guaranteed not the worst show you've ever seen
or 20% of your money back!

Pilliard Dickle turns on his musical partner, The Past Pilliard Dickle*
* That probably could've been worded better

"Mr. Dickle is a born storyteller with an inventive mind that never stops."

Gene Shalit, The Today Show

1 12 man show.jpg

One day Pilliard Dickle decided to start a band. And what better bandmate than his past self? So he sat down at his tape recorder with a spoon, coffee cup and eggbeater (that was the percussion section) and his 1 1/2 Half Man Band was born.

Things went great...until the tape recorder copped an attitude.

audience kibble can 72.jpg

You'll hear delightfully imaginative original songs. 


At one point, Pilliard Dickle gets kicked out of his own show for heckling his past self.


He bribes the crowd with Audience Kibble®.

y act 26a.jpg
song menu.jpg

"A very clever fellow"

Steve Allen

Press to play

Join both Pilliard Dickles (past and present) for an evening of whimsical songs and quirky stories that are every bit as imaginative as his award-winning calendar art. 

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Break through to The Land of Calendaria, a wonderland of time.

Please inquire about booking the only act in the world where the performer gets kicked out of his own show


Pilliard Dickle Studio

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