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2021 is Here!

Underneath a giant tower looming into the sky lies a pleasant seaside village where puffy balloon-shaped cars glide a few inches above the ground. The tower is filled with hope, which is what powers the cars. That and laughing gas, which explains why the villagers are in such a jovial mood.

This poster calendar will add a splash of colorful fun to your wall all year long. 

$20, or Laminated $25
Hand personalization $12
Or order by phone
Mailing a check? Here's a Mail-in Order Form

"Pilliard Dickle's calendars put me in a happy days that makes me weak!"
Gene Shalit, The Today Show

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Fun Books!

Anchor 1

Not a coloring book! Well, it is...but it's so much more. Calendars, stories, sketches of years glimpsed but ever visited and weird mandalas made of days. 8 1/2X11. $14.95   See more

Avocado Avenue - A novella

Doris and Delores Morris, known to the local townsfolk as “the two eccentric sisters,” spent their youths meticulously reassembling the shredded memoirs of their brother Horace on the walls of the family mansion. Now they’re on the cusp of a startling discovery that could reunite them with their beloved brother, who, years ago, inexplicably vanished. $9.95

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